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Personal, Professional, and Positive (Chicago: Professionally Positive, 2015)

Most of you reading this already have the innovation, drive, intellect, and know-how to get it done, but you may be lacking that secret sauce of routines that could help you excel. That is why we wrote Personal Professional and Positive The 30 Day Challenge.

We challenge you to go from good to great by giving you tools that will develop a better you. Personal Professional and Positive is a true game changer.

This book has 9 reviews on Amazonā€”all are five stars!


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Video: Learn More About Professionally Positive From The Authors

Danyelle Little and Telie Woods

Looking to find out more about Personal, Professional, and Positive: The 30-Day Challenge? This quick video will help you understand why we wrote the book, and what you can expect from the chapters.   Make sure that you are signed up for our Personal Professional and Positive Launch and eNewsletter so you will be the […]

Power Partnership


In my previous article, Welcome to, I gave a quick overview of how Telie and I came together to write Personal Professional and Positive: The 30 Day Challenge. In this post, Ill go deeper in our growing partnership. In order to truly grasp why we felt a book like this was so important, you […]