4 Ways to Stay Positive During Not So Positive Times

4 Ways to Stay Positive During Not So Positive Times
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With the news cycle filled with negativity, it can be quite hard to remain optimistic and hopeful.

As the authors of Personal, Professional, and Positive: The 30-Day Challenge, we want to help you focus on inspirational aspects so that you can live your best lives and help others as well. We’ve created a list of ways to stay positive during not so positive times that you can rely on and refer to whenever you need.

Please check out our list below:

Turn it Off

Most of us care what is going on around us, but staying tuned in to the 24 hour news cycle all day and repeated play by plays of current violence and destruction everyday does no one any good.

Turn off the news, get offline, and fill your time with other constructive things that can sharpen your mind that can help you stay away from negative thoughts and feelings. Taking in too much of this can cause anxiety and worry, which you don’t need more of.

Tune In

Be present with your family and loved ones and tap into this positive resource. Being around people who uplift you and encourage you positively is just what the doctor ordered and can help curb the bad news and horrific world events. We all have those people in our lives who instantly make us smile and bring us joy—-that is what we need to be tuned in to.

Center Your Focus

Don’t allow yourself to focus on the bad. Instead, train your mind to focus on the good things happening. For every negative story online or on television, there’s a good one. Fill your news feed with websites that share uplifting content and spread good news and cheer.

You can start with Think Positive, which delivers thought-provoking positive content consistently.

Tap Into Your Passion and Purpose

Do what you love. When we tap into our passion and purpose, this can bring us a great sense of accomplishment and happiness. If you are living your life by using your gifts and sharing your talents, you will always have a reason to smile.

Fill your time with perfecting your craft. Write that book, start that blog. Set about working on the tasks you’ve been putting off for years, and you will find that this will bring your fulfillment that can replace the negativity.

Filtering out the negativity is all about focusing on the people you love and doing what you enjoy. We hope these suggestions can help you keep smiling through these often difficult times.


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