Once we discovered the power behind positive thinking and its connection to daily habits, productivity began to skyrocket. Creating positive habits and destroying negative ones became a lifestyle.  Habits will make or break you. This epiphany provided the passion for publishing this guide.

If you are anything like us you want to see others win. We believe everyone can become the best in whatever it is that they love. We’re all about changing for the betterment of a greater future financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Are you? If so, meet the co-authors

Danyelle Little is a mom of two, professional blogger, owner of TheCubicleChick.com, Author, and Digital Debutante.

TheCubicleChick.com was created to discuss topics important to working parents and entrepreneurs. Glamour Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post Live have all tapped Danyelle to share her thoughts on newsworthy issues and trends.

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Telie Woods is a publisher, author, entrepreneur, and award-winning sales leader having generated millions for some of the country’s top Fortune 500 organizations. With a Masters degree in Publishing, Mr. Woods co-founded online platform Think Positive Magazine.

TPM is an authority in critical thinking; designed to empower, encourage and educate through quality content.


What You’ll Find Here

This blog exists to be an “I know, I’ve been there, you’re not alone” on the positive journey.

We post daily. In every post, you can count on a lot of honesty, a little humor & some hope to get you through your day.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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