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Personal Professional and Positive, the 30-day challenge will motive you to go to the next level in the very things you love.

We believe you can have the life you desire, but it requires creating good daily habits, letting go of things (or people) slowing you down, and diligently making conscious good decisions.


Get positive affirmations, encouraging testimonies, best practices and life hacks that will put you on pace to conquering each day.

Personal. These first 10 chapters dig deep on a personal level encouraging the examination of ourselves to strengthen moral fibers. Each of us deals with the same age-old adversary. Ourselves. Here we highlight the importance of virtues we can easily drift away from, yet are vital to a life of excellence.

Professional. At the end of the workday, many of us are left desiring more out of our professional lives. No matter if you are self-employed or working in corporate America, this section of chapters promotes productivity and excellence professionally.

Positive. Everything starts with a thought first. If you can master your mind, you can regulate all areas of life. The good news is we can take commanding control over desires and thoughts that hinder. These last 10 chapters infuse positivity into everyday ups and downs.


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