Five Steps to Convert Bad Habits into Good Habits

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At the very foundation of our book is the challenges which were created in order to retool your mind by replacing bad habits with good ones.

In order for you to do just that, you must take measured steps. Doing so can help you break the cycle of the poor habit while creating momentum to fuel positive ones.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

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1. Identify the habit: These are the negative habits that you do that need to be replaced with positive ones.

2. Discern the habit: Systematically get to the root of this issue by writing it down and understanding why it became a poor habit.

3. Break the cycle: Take this “stronghold” and work on detoxing it from your life.

4. Make a public pledge: By confiding in someone about your poor habit, you can get support.

5. Replace it with a positive alternative: Out with the baggage. In with something that brings positivity to your life.

Doing this conversion can help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be while shedding old patterns and weaknesses that may have worked against you.


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