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In my previous article, Welcome to ProfessionallyPositive.com, I gave a quick overview of how Telie and I came together to write Personal Professional and Positive: The 30 Day Challenge. In this post, Ill go deeper in our growing partnership. In order to truly grasp why we felt a book like this was so important, you have to understand how we came together to merge our ideas into a full book. Working together was something we had discussed for many years, and finally found a way to do so through writing together. It was a partnership that had been many years in the making.

When Telie and I first met, he was already the co-founder of Think Positive Magazine, a strong publication focused on sharing positive news and stories. I was working in the corporate environment, but also learning to share my own voice. After creating TheCubicleChick.com and growing it into a successful brand in its own right, we both knew that there had to be a way for us to work together on a project. We brainstormed for months but never really made any headway with an actual idea. Finally, we both stumbled upon co-authoring a book in which we could use both of our life experiences and platforms as a catalyst to help people achieve their ultimate dreams. The book helps to serve both of our audiences while creating a new merged audience of our own.


Telie has always been the sales and marketing genius behind the machine. I am a dreamer and an idea oriented individual. Throughout the creative process and facilitation of this book, its been a complimentary combination. Partnerships are hard work, especially when you are writing together and have different styles.

What gravitated the both of us towards this book is that we are able to write to our strengths, while sharing perspectives from a male and female point of view. There are plenty of books out there on the market, but not many like ours. We are challenging our audience to go above and beyond by creating successful habits, while sharing our viewpoints from both sides of the spectrum. Our book inspires consistency, creating a reader who will be prepared personally and professionally while making a positive impact.

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