Why Our 30 Day Challenge is Different

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If you walk into your local bookstore or search online retailers, you will see a lot of book titles that include 30 day challenges for readers. This is a great way to get the reader truly involved and engaged in the book while having them do the work, and when Telie and I were working on the outline for our text, we knew that we wanted a challenge component included to get people invested in our mission. But what we didn’t want was to have a challenge because it’s the popular thing to do. With Personal Professional and Positive: The 30 Day Challenge, our overall goal was to help people develop positive habits that can truly have a impact on their lives.

Several months ago when working on this project, the blueprint of the book was the challenges. And we wanted them to be realistic items that people could fit within their lifestyles daily and efficiently. These challenges weren’t written to be passive. They were written to truly help build momentum and habits that can create a conduit for achievement and success.

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Some of the challenges are hard. They will cause you to think and may even be uncomfortable. They were formulated to create a new way of thinking in every department of your life. And by changing your way of thinking, they will help to retool your mindset while giving you focus and perhaps, a new direction.

Our 30 day challenge is different because they are prompts that we also did ourselves. These are tried and true tests, actions both large and small that will create a synergy for massive improvement in all aspects of your life.

And because the book is written by both a man and a woman, you are getting challenges that are written by two points of view. Not many other books in this genre can offer that to you, the reader.

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