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I’m John Moore. I have a passion for positivity and a knack for solving problems. These talents have led me to help others find solutions to many different types of problems. My process is simple:

    1. Identify the issue
    2. Brainstorm possible solutions
    3. Plan a course of action for the best solution.

The key is to focus on generating a positive solution. As problems arise we can choose to dwell on the negative or we can focus our energy on moving forward. Whether your problem requires a simple solution or a complex plan, we can create the desired outcome together.

Identify The Problem

It all starts with identifying the problem that needs to be solved. That involves accepting what has occurred, and looking for the next step. With a shift in perspective away from the problem, the solution is already in sight.

Strategize Solutions

Once the next direction is established, brainstorming multiple possible solutions gives several avenues to explore. Exploring the options lets the best solution be found, and a plan to be made.

Implement A Plan

Once the solution is determined, the most important step is to implement the plan. Forming a set by step outline of what to do next, makes each step toward the solution a measurable milestone to be accomplished with ease.

Are you searching for the perfect solution for your problem?

It can be as easy as a shift in perspective from negative to positive.

Reach out and let me know what you are trying to accomplish.

I will provide multiple solutions for free that you can take action on now!

it is my goal to empower the individual with solutions for positive professional growth in any field.

You can choose to stay stuck or take a step toward the future you create.


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How I Can Help

Staring a new business and marketing your professional services can be overwhelming with the amount of questions that you’ve never thought about. Some of these questions can be solved with with simple answers, but some require more detailed solutions. I can help with either. Fill out the Issue Identifier Questionnaire, I will provide multiple possible solutions to you for free. We will work together on finding the best solution aimed at your target outcome, and I will create a detailed plan with step by step instructions on how to achieve your goal. Learn more about common questions here.

Presence Problems

Creating an online presence that converts is essential to the success any business.

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People Problems

From retaining clients to training new hires, a shift in perspective is powerful.

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Performance Problems

Achieving goals requires a focusing on the desired positive outcomes.

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Planning Problems

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Follow a map to find the destination.

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Yes, And…

It’s easy to add positivity to comedy with this simple improvisational rule. Classes on using “Yes, And” are taught in improv classes all over the world. Put simply, the rule is to accept the scene, and then add to it. This attitude can just as easily be transferred to professional settings. Too often, good ideas are shot down with excuses for why they will not work instead of solutions for how they can. Collaborate an expand on ideas to build a solution that works for everyone.

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