Establish Positive Patterns to Expedite Your Progress

stop holding yourself back
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In order to get a different result, you oftentimes have to do the opposite.

In our lives, this can be a painstaking process as we have to work really hard to retool our mindsets and break out of old habits that are keeping us from moving forward. But once you gain a little momentum moving towards a better life personally and professionally, you can use it to make even more changes.

You must establish positive patterns to expedite your progress, switching out negative patterns for positive ones.

In the following infographic, we share the five steps you can make to begin to establish those positive patterns. It begins with you, then goes on to being grateful and showing gratitude, not assuming, absolving absolutes, and detaching negative thoughts.


In order to stay on top of this new mind-shift, you can ‘save as’ and print out this graphic and place it in your workspace and personal areas as reminders throughout the day. As you begin to utilize these tools everyday and on a consistent basis, it will get easier. And soon, you will begin to see that positive progress that you’ve been wanting to achieve!

Keep this is mind:

  • You are worth doing the work.
  • You can start today. You do not have to wait for a special day of the year or week to make changes.
  • You have the tools and talent within to glow and grow.
  • You are unique. Use that to inspire and empower others.

We wrote Personal, Professional, and Positive: The 30-Day Challenge as a way for people to reinvent, reimagine, and rebirth themselves personally and professionally.

You owe it yourslf to live the best life that you can.


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